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Commercial Covers

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Integrate your entire campus for total image and consistent appearance. Many options are available for designs, color, and materials to match your...

Residential Covers

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As the summer gets longer and hotter, it’s becoming more and more pertinent that your lawn offer some form of protection against the sweltering heat...

Industrial Covers

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Structures can be designed to meet architectural specifications and local building codes when needed. We take pride in our ability to provide...


If your’e calling us your’e calling a professional

Welcome To Care-Free

Care-Free is one of the leading manufactures of awnings in Little Rock and in the entire state of Arkansas. A patio-cover will extend living space so that you can spend more time outdoors. Our products add beauty and function to your home! With a professionally installed and completely maintenance-free patio cover, you will be able to enjoy permanent shade during those hot and sunny summer days.

We not only offer commercial, residential and industrial covers, but we also install custom awnings, sunroom additions, other general room additions and screen enclosures! Our aluminum patio covers are completely maintenance free and can withstand the average climate for years to come! Our products are installed by experienced professionals who get their job done right the first time around!

You can easily pick between our different products for the perfect awning or room additions for your home or business!

If you're calling us, you're calling a professional! Serving the state of Arkansas since 1965! We are proud of the work we do, and we are dedicated to providing Little Rock and all of Arkansas the best possible residential covers, industrial covers, and commercial covers available! We have strong ties with the residents and businesses in our community, and we would love to work for you! Please give Care-Free a ring today!